Should You Buy A Quartz Patek Philippe?

Patek Philippe Watch with a Quartz Movement

Patek Philippe Watch with a Quartz MovementShould I buy a quartz timepiece from the masters? It’s a tough question when you’re looking at the Prince of Watches. I love the brand, as most do, and even a battery powered Patek is better than nearly all other products in that class. But still, I think I would pass on a Patek with quartz movement.

The mere notion that Patek produces quartz movements is strange and it is geared mostly toward ladies watches. Sometimes you’ll find “deals” out there for older gents models that seem too good to be true. They have all the fine workmanship you are used to admiring, they look excellent and have great gold content with the right feel, but the fact remains that quartz Pateks are hard movers. They are dogs, no getting around it. Don’t get buried under one of these models because you scored it for $4,500. These watches will be with you for the long stretch and you will have to really pull a dump off to get rid of them. Stay traditional mechanical on the Patek, and leave the quartz for Chrono24 peddlers that got caught napping. You didn’t even know the movements were this nice looking? Don’t get caught.

Patek Philippe Watch with a Quartz Movement

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7 thoughts on “Should You Buy A Quartz Patek Philippe?

  1. I have a PP square clock
    with a solar panel. It needs a new battery. Someone can repair here in Australia. It needs servicing
    I can send a photo of the clock

  2. That’s the most amazing battery holder I’ve ever seen, but even still I would never consider a quartz Patek. That sounds like an oxymoron.

  3. Among luxuxry watch brands, I like Patek the most. Patek timepieces are not only high-class accessories, but also pieces of art. So much devotion to uniqueness and aesthetics

  4. A friend of a friend got a Quartz PP and it is ridiculous, the main PP agents refuse to do anything when the battery dies and it has to be sent away to PP HQ in Switzerland to have the battery replaced for extortionate costs £100+

  5. Interesting.I have a solid gold dress watch .looks like app .Siko made it and it’s quartz .I bought it 40 years ago has never stopped working 5 changes of the battery.the watch case is made in Germany..the watch is great.why would a quartz PP be so bad.

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