Graham Silverstone RS Review

Graham Silverstone Rs 2stea U05a Review

Graham Silverstone Rs 2stea U05a Review

It’s been awhile since I’ve lusted after a watch. Twenty years of watch industry ups and downs, you see a lot of introductions, trends and flops come and go. I recently put my hands on the Graham Silverstone RS pieces and fell in love all over again with watches. The color combos are fabulous and the 46mm case lays to the wrist perfectly. The movement is the Graham G1749, a solid re-work of the classic Valjoux 7750. Old hat but works. Honestly all the features in the Graham have been done from different companies, I get that, believe me. But strap one of these on and you’ll be brought back to what it feels like to have something cool an unique on your wrist.

Shown above is the ref. 2STEA.U05A. Below is ref. 2STEA.B16A. There are more color combos here. This model retails for $5,200.

Graham Silverstone Rs 2stea B16a Review

The Movement: Graham G1749 (ETA 7750)
Graham Silverstone Rs G1749

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  1. es un reloj caro para que demuestre un calibre propio y no un eta 7750 que asta invicta lo usa y con un costo inferior y otros mas mas de bajo precio lo usan .

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