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A friendly community of watch collectors with different tastes, different opinions, different budgets… all in one place: WatchFlipr.com

Years have gone into the start of Watch Flipr. Along with a staff that has devoted a grand portion of their lives to the research, study and lust for wrist watches.

As with all collectors and enthusiasts, certain traits and tendencies get named for what they really are. Herein lies the name Watch Flipr. It denotes the individual that can’t live with just one watch, nor without the quest for the next one. An obsession with the hunt for fine timepieces, coupled with the acquire and dissolve gene makes us what and who we are.

This crazy addiction of obtaining and releasing watches back into the market (just to do it again and again) has one indisputable factor to be gained: Knowledge. You will learn a great deal about what is good, bad, and indifferent about the watch world as we know it. You will learn about pricing, fallacies, what the industry has to offer, who is a player and who gets played.

Follow us on this journey, the good timepieces are just around the corner, we can feel it…


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