Darth Astron, the Sith Lord of Seiko

Seiko Astron 7X52-0AA0 Ceramic GPS

Seiko Astron 7X52-0AA0 Ceramic GPSOther brands have dabbled in solar based movements and hit lower price categories nicely. But are collectors seeking a true high-end timepiece that is driven by the sun and adjusted by satellites? Yes, and the Seiko Astron is that watch. Originally introduced in September 2012, they really hit a home run with this one – not just out of the park, out of this world.

The case is XL in size with about 50mm across the board. The Astron will have a major presence on the wrist and offers a great crossover ability that many watches don’t have. Many hardcore watch guys are mostly mechanically driven with their collections, but can stray if tempted by juicy tech styles if they are good enough. The tech doesn’t get juicier than the almighty Astron.

It sets the time automatically across all zones by the Global Positioning System, it is run by solar power, but first and foremost it looks cool. The model shown here is made of high-intensity titanium with a scratch-proof ceramic bezel. This space age metal is stronger than steel, but has only 60% of the weight. The physical vapor deposition (PVD) coated case and bracelet with a black sunburst dial makes this a watch fit for Darth Vader himself. Seiko is your father.

Quick specs:

  • Reference SAST007
  • Solar powered caliber 7X52 (+/-15 seconds per month)
  • GPS controlled time and time zone adjustment
  • Perpetual calendar correct to February 2100
  • World time function (39 Time Zones)
  • Daylight Saving Time function
  • Power save function
  • 50mm case with 23mm bracelet
  • Water resistant up to 100m/330ft

Seiko Astron 7X52-0AA0 Ceramic GPS

5 thoughts on “Darth Astron, the Sith Lord of Seiko

  1. I wondered why they didn’t put a clear back on this one like most of their watches, but then again it’s probably a computer chip and not much to look at. I haven’t been able to find a pic of the movement itself.

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