Bullet Bracelets and Bygones

Breitling Bullet Bracelet

Breitling Bullet BraceletWhat is it with bullet bracelets? I have had a number of them in different brands and styles. I find myself oddly attracted to them, but never seem to keep them very long. Breitling has reign over the best pieces (as shown above) but others have put out similar styles as well.

In my opinion, bullet bracelets feel the most comfortable on the wrist because of the rounded links and perfect drape. I got that from Christian Bedat, “Perfect Drape”. That dude could sell time shares to watchmakers. Anyway, what is the feeling out there amongst the readers? Does the bullet still have a place with the link classics. I hope so… it lives on with Seinfeld in syndication.

3 thoughts on “Bullet Bracelets and Bygones

  1. Personally, I think they look flimsy. Would much rather have a strong bracelet like an Oyster or Pro II.

  2. A “drape” reminiscent of Sonny Crocketts’ wardrobe.

    Although his sloppy-fitted, Two-tone, Jubilee DJ, I think it was a DJ, was quite the trend back in the day.

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