The Nando Rossi: World’s Thinnest Special Edition Watch

Nando Rossi Watch CST-01 Black Central Standard Timing E Ink KickstarterWe’re not exactly sure who Nando Rossi is, but a tactical version of the world’s thinnest watch has been named after him. Introducing the all black CST-01 Nando Rossi Edition.

Watch Flipr’s new year tech watch prediction is already coming true. Central Standard Timing launched a Kickstarter project for their ultra thin E Ink watch at CES this year, and have already racked up a staggering $580,000 from 4,240 backers – with 34 days to go. This is still a far cry from the $10 million that the Pebble watch raised, but not too shabby nonetheless!

The idea is cool, and at a retail price of about $170 ($99 for Kickstarter backers), it’s an affordable gadget. Will hardcore watch guys wear one of these? Probably not. We dig the CST-01, and are cheering for the project to reach a million plus, but a piece like this is a reminder that some folks just want to tell the time and don’t care how it’s told.

We will be thinking about colors soon….Nando got in there with a request, we thought it be fun to see what that looked like. We’ll be prototyping color options soon. most likely these would ship later than the original colors and cost slightly more due to adding a process to the manufacturing.

6 thoughts on “The Nando Rossi: World’s Thinnest Special Edition Watch

  1. They should have made the time read out the other way instead of across the band. Looks super awkward to tell the time.

  2. This is the first watch I’ve ever seen that I’d rather look at my cell phone to get the time instead of this.

  3. The block one looks so much better than the one on the kickstart page, but then again it’s a glossy concept picture so who knows. They should go all the way with it and make it a black out screen too.

  4. Isn’t it soooooo nice? I wasn’t even aware they were gonna make it, I just made a request on their Fb page. Since I’m feeling lucky, I’m writing Apple next and asking them to add a Bluetooth toggle to iOS. Maybe they’ll call it the Nando Rossi toggle.

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