Slyde Watch VS. Urwerk: Virtual and Reality

Slyde Vs. Urwerk Watches: tech Vs. Mechanical

Slyde Vs. Urwerk Watches: tech Vs. MechanicalConcept watches are in the tent (aka the Palace) next to Basel. It’s a nice tent but let me lay it out for you. These companies are the coolest of the cool and sometimes the poorest of the poor. Every buck these guys make is put back into their companies and concepts for true horological innovation.

I won’t go knocking heads about which one of these watches is better than the other, because both are really great ideas. If you lean in the ultra-tech range of watches, the Slyde Virtual screen watch would probably blow your mind. Lots have been written regarding the technology behind it. Urwerk, in the same tent division, is ultra-cool and bad ass in the watches they produce. I doubt they have made much money yet as a company, still who wouldn’t drop the dough for a piece of Urwerk if the cash was flowing like river Nile?

Tasters choice, the real or unreal?

As we tick into the new year, I think this debate is going to be the biggest yet to come in the watch world: Tech watch Vs. Mechanical. Interestingly, some companies have always worked with both sides of the equation very well (Breitling et Omega). So, whether mechanical purist or pixel pushing tech geek, there is development from both sides these days. I will keep sitting fence.

Urwerk UR-100RG Watch

6 thoughts on “Slyde Watch VS. Urwerk: Virtual and Reality

  1. I can’t see comparing the two, really. One is created with precise mechanics and the other with computer codes and graphics. I don’t see real watch guys getting into the touchscreen and digital world of watches any time soon.

    1. That comment is ridiculous. Jorg Hysek is behind Slyde. It doesn’t get any more “watch guy” than that.

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