TW Steel Niche Switch?

TW Steel TW-128 Grandeur

TW Steel TW-128 GrandeurWhat happens if big becomes blah? What happens if you start your watch business with all intentions of being “Big in Oversized Watches” and the style changes?

T.W. Steel the Dutch owned affordable big watch company is feeling the pains from this right now. Hitting the watch scene about three years ago, T.W. was shot out of a cannon at Basel and every high end retailer needed it as a niche in their store. Now the ultra big has taken a back seat to tech watches, a movement toward understated designs, and the staple big hitter brands that never take a licking from market trends. What does one do?

Well, you launch the Slim Line Collection. a back to the drawing board, punt-on-fourth-down type of move to keep afloat amongst the masses of watch lines. Will this strategy work for the once known affordable big boys that everyone wanted. Nah, probably first spin in the death spiral, but we will see how the public likes their steel on a diet.

One thought on “TW Steel Niche Switch?

  1. Nothing worse than a company that doesn’t know who they are. I own a TW Steel at 50mm it’s a metal monster. I will not be buying a slim line. Good luck TW.

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