Get Ready, Get Connected: Tech Watches

It’s coming, traditionalist or not, the tech watch market is about to really blossom into the new world of watches as we know it. But don’t fret yet. Just as quartz watches didn’t replace automatic with their entry into the market years ago and tech watches can’t take the place of a mechanical timepiece either. What smart watches can do is shake up the market with many new offerings and choices that might be useful for you as a viable option.

By all means, keep your automatic tickers! Wear, enjoy, collect, covet and know that on the other wrist lurks the new guard of timing. The tech timer breakthrough has been coming long before the Apple Watch and we’ve had hints of it as far back as 30 years ago when the Breitling Aerospace and others pushed into analog/digital trends. We knew it would come and now it will hit the wristwatch industry like a sledgehammer, be mindful of materials and workmanship that these new wearables bring to court. That said, bring on the tech offerings!

Pictured: Kronaby Connected Tech Watch! 

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