Riding the Fringe: 3 Conversation Starter Watches for Spring 2017

Eterna New Super KonTiki Chronograph In-House Watch Review

What watch collecting has really come down to is being extra special. Being so out there that nobody (but a few) will possess the watches we wear now. Gone are the days that you could buddy up with a pal and he had that same Submariner as you. You have to be riding the fringe. You have to be original, find the unicorn and strap it to your wrist. The major brands and favorites still hold their ground, but “the niche” pieces are steam rolling all the way to Bremontville. What’s my point? Glad you asked. Here are the top three spring 2017 conversation starters to get you ahead of your wrist comparing competition… because they are always looking.

1) Zodiac Retro Throwback

Zodiac Sea Dragon Watch Review
Grab a Zodiac and be original. Rarely are these watches spotted in public and they have the “what is that” eyeball grabbing look. Go extreme, and get some rose gold Sea Dragon (Ref: ZO9902) action on a leather strap! Is it old, new or something else? Buy it here

2) Corum Bubble

Corum Bubble Skull Watch Review
Alright, You have the retro watch covered with the Zodiac above, but now it’s time to have a casual look that nobody else will have. Forum Corum, when its roll call in the watch geek forums and you want the upper hand literally, its the Bubble all the way. Get the bright red Bubble Skull Halloween Edition (Ref: L082/03193) to get the conversation started 365 days a year. Buy it here

3) Super KonTiki

Eterna New Super KonTiki Chronograph In-House Watch Review
Story time! When talking watches you have to tell a story to captivate the envious onlookers. Nothing beats a couple of lads floating on sticks across the South Pacific! The Eterna Super Kon Tiki (Ref: 7770.41.89.1718) was named after that journey. Plus, it has an in-house flyback chronograph movement. You win! Buy it here

There you have it, three watches that will make you the Timepiece Sultan on the internet and get you talking shop with the boys. Wait a second, is that a Doxa Searambler? Choice, friend, choice!

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