Collector’s Niche: Hamilton Khaki Watches

Hamilton Khaki 8775 Vintage USMC United States Marine Corps Watch

Hamilton Khaki 8775 Quartz Vintage WatchIt’s fun to run across a piece that has collectibility but doesn’t cost a fortune. The Hamilton Khaki is that watch, if you yearn to have a collection of watches and are down on funds, pick a niche that not many are paying top dollar for yet. Case in point, the Hamilton Khaki has multiple models well under the $800 mark and second-hand these pieces can be as low as $150 or so. Start with a few newer models that you can wear and enjoy on a daily basis and then begin hunting for the more obscure and limited.

You’re a watch collector/Flipr, nothing wrong with being the only Khaki hunter out there. There could be gold in these pieces sooner than later. Again, the key is finding the right niche and playing the entire hand on a guess. I have been saying for years that size 18 railroad pockets will be all the rage someday and they will. Today, they mostly are scrapped and thrown to the side for little value, but wait and see. The same can be said for older Khaki pieces like the one pictured here. The price is still right if you are willing to look around. They were military mass produced, but look how cool even a quartz ETA model can be? The crossover territory from Lancaster, PA to Switzerland can be your playground to find some older and newer models for your watch box. Lots of ground to cover my friend, maybe they are waiting for you?

Hamilton Khaki 8775 Vintage USMC United States Marine Corps Watch

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    1. The “departement of the army one”. I have one, i looked for other owners, never found one

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