Are You a Box and Papers Hoarder?

Watch Box and Papers Set (Oris Scuba Diving Helmet)How much do you really like a watch? Would you go as far as paying retail? Would you purchase the watch without–let me say this quietly–without box and papers? Ohhh my God, a purchase without box and papers! In the dog eat dog world of the aftermarket, collectors rarely do either. The concept is ridiculous, and at some point has to be thrown to the side and thought out again.

Consider the fact that box and papers have no use other than storage. That’s right, plain old storage containers that take up space and cause a commotion with other collectors when they aren’t included in the sale. We pack that garbage in the basement, attic or crawlspace, waiting to dust them off for a future trade. Countless great watches get B marks on their report card in the high and mighty watch forums, just because they lack those not so special storage cases. I personally hate boxes and papers and throw mine out as soon as I get a new watch.

Swiss China Made

Ironically, a lot of guys bash Chinese watches, but can’t fathom buying a watch without the Made in China bundle. I refuse to think that a killer timepiece is going to be judged by its cover and accompanying space helmet that is produced outside of Switzerland for slave wages to help gleam up the wristwear.

Box Heads

How many Breitling guys have five of those dehinged flip-lid cases that always fall apart. I know I rant, but it’s nuts. Then we have the worse crop of box loving, box heads… the Panerai guys. Their boxes apparently have fallen from the heavens, or were buried with the Ancient Egyptians to be considered such prized possessions. Try selling a Panerai without all the BS they put together in the package, it won’t happen. Panerai, at their best selling point, ranged from 3k to 6k. Their boxes are 1/4 of the value of the watch when traded, more in some cases (haha).

Reality Check

Lighten up Box Boys, the watch you bought is for wearing, enjoying and being brought out into the sun on occasion. The box can’t prove your watch is real, nor will papers. All have been faked in the past or bought second hand. Your box cannot and will not tell time, be cherished by loved ones when you pass on, or bring you any joy as a collector (Flipr) of watches. I hate to break it to ya, but box and papers are just boxes and papers.

7 thoughts on “Are You a Box and Papers Hoarder?

  1. I guess it depends on what the watch is. If it’s something I know I’m just going to keep forever and wear everyday, then I would want the storage space more than the boxes. Something I might trade in the future I try to keep them if they came with them.

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