Rolex Haters

Rolex Vintage Oyster Perpetual Chronometer - Haters Gonna Hate

Rolex Vintage Oyster Perpetual Chronometer - Haters Gonna HateWhen you’ve made a major mark in your industry, accomplished much, if not all, of what you have set out to do, one thing lies ahead in today’s great society: Haters.

Rolex is like that. I have had the privilege to see the ins and outs of what a great company Rolex is, yet I still witness the backlash of haters that stomp on any old, new, or original kernel of info they have to put forward. They even go as far as bashing people that wear them. Why? Well, most of the Rolex haters do it to be non-conformists, or contrarian to what culture and time has deemed the model high-end timepiece. I understand the “taking road less traveled, I’m different and a bit of an independent thinker, not to be grouped with the Rolex craving masses” mentality. I get it, but to truly follow watches, how can a collector overlook “big green” when it comes to producing ultra-fine timepieces for decades?

You need not worship the aesthetics or product line of Rolex to acknowledge that great feats of watchmaking have gone on in our industry. And most companies in the business look to Rolex for guidance. Their distribution is tight as a drum, the product is stellar, and whether it suits your taste or not, Rolex sets all bars to surpass for quality, accuracy, and longevity.

I don’t need to defend them, they are justifiably the crown-wearing kings of wrist watches. So if you are looking for a brand to bash, find one that needs a good lick, and leave the king with the court. Most Rolex haters are like the guys with an Android phone… They know at the end of the day the iPhone is the best at what it does, but they still have to play games on the other side of the fence. It’s what truly makes them happy.


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