U-Boat U-1001 Ref. 6449 Watch Review. Sometimes It Hurts.

U-Boat U1001

U-Boat U1001When I first saw the U-Boat U1001, I thought wow! Colors that complement each other, huge crown power with cool helium escape valve, and very nice visual appearance. Then came time for dissection, examination, and evaluation. It was all down hill from there, real quick. Let me shoot ya straight, I would wear the hell out of this timepiece (not diving) and I do like it, but for the readers and the people that buy a great deal of watches and flip them, this is a watch that will hit the pile sooner than others.

Despite the grand appearance, heavy duty 47mm case, and that striking hint of orange – but for $5,100, no way (the 55mm is even more ridiculous at $7,150)! The outer perimeter of the bezel boasts a calibre U/28, but let’s face it, all they did was toss in an ETA 2824-2 with minimal modifications and replace the oscillator with some cutout U-Boat signage. What we’re left with is a huge amount of space between the movement and oversize case, with no pizazz or effort put into camouflaging the gap. The U-1001 is being sold as a limited edition piece and for this price, collectors should expect something more exciting behind the facade. Where’s the perlage finish? This was a huge turn off for me and was a cheap move by U-Boat.

I’m dubbing the U1001 a suck you in and knock you down piece. You’ll be happy for about a week and then it’ll let you down when you realize you’ve been distracted from some of the important qualities this watch lacks. The box (I hate all boxes anyway) is another turn off. Ultra cheesy space waster. Can’t these manufacturers stick to hard shell leather cases that can be used? Ironic how some of the Swiss watch companies claim to be so adamantly opposed to anything made in China, but are happy to serve sweatshop boxes with their overpriced and supposedly Swiss made watches.

In conclusion, the U-1001 is a let you down and sink U-Boat for $5,100. But hey, whatever floats your… yeah whatever. If you just have to have one, try to find it triple used and beat up a little, don’t take the hit on a new one.

Quick specs:

  • Reference 6448
  • Limited Edition with 1,001 made
  • Automatic caliber ETA 2824-2 movement
  • Stainless steel case measuring 47mm (also available in 55mm)
  • Black dial with choice of orange or blue markers
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Water resistant up to 1,001 meters

U-Boat U1001 Canteen Style Crown

U-Boat U1001

U-Boat U1001 Caseback

U-Boat U1001 Caliber U28

10 thoughts on “U-Boat U-1001 Ref. 6449 Watch Review. Sometimes It Hurts.

    1. You got good point. I was has Uboat u42 automatic version limited 999pcs, I was bought it from $4500 new, very nice watch box and nice watch case design, I love the special lock crown system, BUT! The special bezel lock system is totally sucks useless, I just try it on few time, then the lock system is broken wont lock the bezel anymore. And the watch has poor lume too. I was thinking, WHY I bought the diver watch with poor lume and cost me $4500?? Then I sell it to other collector and lose $1000 for it.
      Lol… I feel I was stupid.

  1. What’s with the one random jewel showing on the dial? It has nothing to do with the other themes on this watch. I do like how the model number is raised at 12-3 and then the other markers are sandwiched from 4-11.

  2. In response to Steve, I would assume the jewel on the face is part of the jewel bearing that sits within the movement inside the watch. I have a pal who loves this watch and was desperately trying to get hold of the edition that has the cobalt blue detailing, only to discover that they are sold out world wide. he couldn’t source one from anywhere. So people are kinda going to have to follow your advice because previous people emphatically chose to ignore it.

  3. Aren’t watches like this a joke with movements that tiny and so much useless space around it? No wonder they opted out of putting a see through back on it.

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