Mido: Still Growing (Multifort Automatic M005614A Quick Review)

Mido Multifort Chronograph M005614A

Mido Multifort Chronograph M005614AMido watches are not the world’s most tip-of-the-tongue brand name in the industry. In fact, even most of your die hard watch fans get a little stumped when the name gets brought into watch conversations. That aside, the Swatch owned (and poorly advertised) solid brand keeps cruise line passengers happy for a fun purchase – and a few niche brand collectors marvel in the glory of having something the others don’t.

We understand not all brands can be super hot and trendy, but Mido definitely has been a little afterthought for the Swatch group in recent years. A quick Wiki search will give you the basics of the brand founded in 1918 and has been primarily marketed to Latin America because of the name meaning ” I measure ” in Spanish – or more proper “Yo Mido”. Their stats as a high producer of COSC watches makes you think the brand was passed up in the North American market for the most part. A mistake on our part because of the solid construction and movements provided within the pieces are very comparable to sister companies Hamilton and Longines. Asian markets have taken some attention to the line and an office in Shanghai China is also been established. That alone could bring Mido forward to a much larger market, which in-turn will bring about United States sales and recognition.

With the pictures provided we look at a limited edition chronograph of Mido construction that has some very appealing attributes. Yes, the form is familiar to some other brands in the Swatch Group, Certina, Hamilton also have similar if not almost identical models. Maybe the crossover into North America is not necessary, but we still think the line has some great offerings and could be an American household name with little effort.

This is a fine specimen of a 44mm chronograph we had in hand for pics, but look up a M005614A and look for the things you usually search for. Mido is harder to get a handle on and harder to find mini stats, we will still have to wait.

Mido Multifort Chronograph M005614AMido Multifort Chronograph M005614A

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7 thoughts on “Mido: Still Growing (Multifort Automatic M005614A Quick Review)

  1. I recently purchased a MIDO Multifort Auto Chrono & I absolutely love it.It is a 44mm white face with a Rose/Yellow gold case( the color is a beautiful cross between rose & yellow gold).I did a lot of comparison before purchasing it & I could not be happier.For $1300.00 including tax , it is an absolutely great watch.Only wish the leather strap was a touch longerhttp://www.midowatch.com/en/content/m0056143603100

  2. I own 3 mido and 1 is multifort auto chrono. These guys are the most underrated watches in the world. Their ETA movements are almost chronometre standards and the finish is superb compared to other low to mid-range swatch group manufacturers. I might get more.

  3. I find that Hamilton gets all the praise in the sub-1K section of the market, but they are over-rated because they used to be American. I have worn and inspected many modern Hamiltons and a few Midos (I own one) and I feel that Mido are noticeably better made. They also tend to have Elaborate movements. They tend to be a bit more expensive than Hamilton, Tissot and Certina and also more Italian in their styling, which I like.

  4. I have the black and orange hands Multifort Auto and it is probably my favorite watch. I collect a ton, Rolex, Panerai, Omega etc., so I know and appreciate good watches. Try one of these and you will not be disappointed.

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