Blue Boarder G-Shock A.K.A. Louie Vito Special

Blue G-Shock GLS-8900LV-2 Louis Vito

Blue G-Shock GLS-8900LV-2 Louis VitoIf you’re looking to pick your kid up a cool watch and don’t want to dump a ton of cash on it, the popping blue G-Shock made for Winter Olympic Medalist Louie Vito is the ticket. I saw this in passing on his Twitter and he seems pumped to get it out there to the public. I don’t snowboard nor am I known to be a huge G-Shock fan, but for kids who beat things up, this is a nice piece. Hopefully, the quasi-crazed G-Heads don’t get them all before you can gift one. Retail is a bit over a hundred dollars, so have at it Boarder style.

  • Casio G-Shock model GLS-8900LV-2

Submitted by George

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