Exploded View Watch Drawings

Carl Bucherer Exploded Drawing


Nothing will bring the fever of lusting after a new watch than the bait of an exploded drawing to tantalize the collector. Seeing all the guts of the watch and case spread out like a slow motion Matrix deck of cards shuffle. All of the articles we read and see about watches are great, but the exploded drawings show the beautiful features of the watch without any talk or type.

A little research and Wiki write up tells us that the invention of exploded view drawings had roots in the renaissance and was perfected by Leonardo da Vinci. The usefulness and creativity of this art really makes watch collecting fun from every angle and vantage. The best feature of the exploded drawing is it tells no lies, the watch has been stripped and spread out to view all components in their glory – in other words, if you’re hiding something, it would be brought to the buyer’s attention. Hats off to the companies that use these diagrams, expose your goods!


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