Luminox on the Lookout: New Recon Point Man

Luminox Point Man Recon Watch Blue

Luminox Point Man Recon Watch BlueLuminox is that brand of watch that gets a cult following going. They are doing things right, listening to the current customers and making cool products. The folks at Mondaine have got a winner here. On to our Mission: Quick-Review …

The New Recon Point Man (A.8823) has a great military look on Nato with the heavier of the two choice luminescence used in this watch. Plenty big at 45mm and has looks that kill. Listen up ladies, when shopping a watch for the holidays this is the piece that will please most guys on their casual watch wearing days. The gray/blue combo is a bit better than sporting the bright orange counterparts that are out there for Luminox on the regular basis. This is a man’s piece, cop, military personnel, watch buyers. This is for the hard core!

I also like that NATO straps are still holding strong in the industry doesn’t look that that is going anywhere soon.

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Quick specs:

  • Reference A.8823.KM
  • Quartz movement
  • Caliber Rhona 515 HH6
  • 45mm Carbon reinforced PC Case
  • Uni-directional rotating bezel
  • Sapphire crystal with anti reflective coating
  • Water resistance 200m/600ft
  • 22mm ZULU strap
  • Night Vision tritium tube lume

4 thoughts on “Luminox on the Lookout: New Recon Point Man

  1. What?!! Finally a sapphire crystal on a Luminox? And a strap that won’t break after the first wear?!! Nice!

  2. Fun fact:
    These so-called ‘NATO’ straps are not allowed on mil installations where a/c and/or machinery is located.
    They can get caught up in machinery and take the hand, and arm, with them. Their much bally-hooed strength, and method of wrapping around the wrist with the watch ‘floating’ on top, makes certain it does not break-away. Assuring a maiming or amputation injury.
    Not cool.

    But hey…it makes the wearer look cool!

  3. Also, these bands hold perspiration odour and begin to stink like a dogs ass on a hot day

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