Luminox Ohhh Luminox

Luminox "Dive Another Day" Navy SEALs Ad

Luminox "Dive Another Day" Navy SEALs Ad

We love Luminox watches and the wonderful marketing that goes with them. You can see the influence they’ve received from Tag Heuer when they first started making waves in the business. Take it from someone who sold those cheap Formula One watches by the dozen, the same path to success is being taken here. Start small in price points and then slowly work your way up the ladder to the bigger prices and complications.

Not to snivel either, the current product is outstanding for what you get. Hardcore luminescent dials, 200 meter water resistance on most models, and real cool color schemes. Combos are provided with Zulu straps that match out a timepiece.

Their claim to fame has been the combination of tritium tubes and low cost, but expect more and more from this Mondaine based company.


2 thoughts on “Luminox Ohhh Luminox

  1. Once you go Tritium you never go back.

    T25 or T100…you’ll never be satisfied with mere lume again.

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