Rolex Bark (Bracelet) Has No Bite

18K Gold Bark Bracelet on a Rolex Datejust President Diamond Dial Watch

Are you one of the watch guys that wants to stand out from the crowd? The kind of collector that says “the hell with classic, I need more pizzazz with my timepiece”? I understand, I do!

Perhaps you are the fine owner of a Rolex Bark Bracelet? I’ll try to let it slide, but let it be known that the “Barker” was the biggest dog to ever stumble off the porch of Rolex SA. The pre-owned market is the worst that could ever be for the model! God can only hope you got one of the funky dial combos that were offered with it and maybe some diamonds. Hey, might as well heap it on! If you’re going to Miami beach with the older crowd, maybe you’ll be… Nope, still horrible.

Haha, they still surface like a monk fish from the bottom. Kinda gaudy but meant in great taste I suppose.

5 thoughts on “Rolex Bark (Bracelet) Has No Bite

  1. I have never seen a Rolex like that before. What makes it “bark” style? Is it the center links? Looks so cheesy either way.

    1. Apparently you like adding F to the beginning of all your words. How about adding it to the beginning of this: “uck you.”

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