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TAG Heuer Professional Tiger Woods Golf Watch WAE1111

TAG Heuer Professional Tiger Woods Golf Watch WAE1111

Alright, I don’t play golf although many people love it. I don’t watch or appreciate golf. I don’t even particularly care for the name golf as a sport. This may have alienated me in my business career to some extent but it’s the fact. Hell, not many watch deals being made on the greens anyway. Another fact is I don’t particularly like golf themed watches, this truly does take me out of my game because I don’t like to sell, collect or buy them.

Hitting a ball, hard with a watch on makes no sense and is bad practice to the longevity of a timepiece – no matter how tough the piece. I have never witnessed a professional baseball player hit the snot out of a ball with a fine watch on, so why golf? Regardless, enjoy your golf watches. You can’t be on board with everything. It’s par for the course.

The watch pictured above is a TAG Heuer Tiger Woods golf watch ref WAE1111.FT6004.

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