Video for all the Rolex Haters

Timothy Sykes Throws His Rolex Watch

Watch as Tim Sykes throws his $9,000 Rolex watch against a wall! This guy is literally a Rolex Flipr! Read the juicy below for those of you watching this on a bus:

I hope maybe I can inspire you with with like my little pictures of my fucking cars and my watches. Look at this, this is what I fucking think about this Rolex (takes it off and flings it across the room until it slams into the wall). I don’t give a shit. It doesn’t even work. It doesn’t even work anyway! It doesn’t tell the right fucking time, what do I need it for?!

We have it on good authority that Sykes usually prefers Audemars Piguet even though some people claim he rocks fakes. Follow @timothysykes

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