Quartz, Ladies and Luxury

Rolex Cellini MOP Diamonds 18K Gold

Rolex Cellini MOP Diamonds 18K GoldWe often turn our nose to the fact that luxury can be had in many types of timepieces. Quartz, is the first on the list to get brushed aside, mostly due to the fact it lacks the historic background and artisanship of an automatic.

When you pry a little deeper, there can be wonderful luxury watches found in the quartz category. Calibre 6621 rests in the Cellini line of Rolex and is geared for ladies that typically can’t be bothered with the setting and winding and all around automatic watch.

Glance at the picture below, if you are fairly familiar with quartz movements, you can plainly see that the quality of this caliber has taken a large jump from your regular quartz timepiece. Yes, the function is the same and the movement is not as expensive in the process to make, but it has a great following. Showing an “easy” to use option, is just the ticket for some ladies and the extra dollars seem to open the door for fine adornments that a gold automatic wouldn’t allow at the same price.

Rolex Cellini caliber 6621 quartz

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