Luxury The Limited

Oris Aquis Tubbataha Limited Edition Watch 7663-71

Oris Aquis Tubbataha Limited Edition Watch 7663-71I love a company that produces limited edition watches for the collectors. Scarcity is known to be an excellent selling point, and in the watch circles it is everything.

Regardless of price, every bracket in the limited edition realm is sought after. The hunt for the most exclusive is the very essence of a Watch Flipr and what they strive for. Production being capped off in the sub 500 numbers are rare and will bring the watch obsessed running. Most times, appeal and functionality can take a second seat to the LE quest.

Small-batch companies striving to make a living in the watch world. Often relying on the fact that they will be putting minimal amounts of product out there for people to purchase. The obscure runs of Tool watches and start-ups with gadget angles play to the fact that they are limited and will not last long.

Are we suckers, or just getting to the good stuff first? A touch of both. Like investors, there is risk and reward with trying to find that limited piece before the next guy gets hold of it. One thing for sure is that limited models hold value in the aftermarket typically much better than general runs of watches. Be sure to keep this in mind for your next watch purchase, and keep a look out… you might just find that rare limited piece FTW!

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  1. You should have noted that limited edition, specifically the number ones, are of most importance. Not just these impostors who claim limited edition without numbering them.

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