Single Cut Glimmer

Ladies Technomarine with a diamond bezelThose that deal in diamonds know the difference between a single cut stone and a full cut. Most people buying watches do not. All the same it pays to do your research and pick a real jewelry piece watch if that is what you desire.

The problem often seen with junk jewelery watches are poor 16-18 facet diamonds of little value, pressed all over the piece. Even some of the bigger names in watches have poor taste in diamond quality. A true diamond bezel or pavè case is going to have full cut 58 facet round brilliant stones of good color, cut and clarity. Diamonds should be consistent with the quality level of the timepiece.

Be specific and ask about the diamond that is in a watch. You may know all the specs of the movement and the case metal, but breeze over the diamond quality and get rooked with the price. Diamonds on watches are a double edged sword, two ways to get cut.

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