James Bond Watches!!!!

James Bond WatchesAre you a lover of James Bond and the watches he wore for the acclaimed movies? Well, you’re in luck! Our friends at the National Clock and watch Museum have a display up until April, 2011 highlighting that very thing: BOND WATCHES! So if you find yourself in the central Pennsylvania area, stop by. -CTWG

James Bond is a fictional character, but his wristwatches are real.

With a continuous history dating back to the early 1950s, Agent 007 is an ideal center for a collection that includes several different brands, first-of-a-kind technologies, and an examination of the style trends that often define who we are by what we wear.

Gadgets aside, these timekeepers also make for fantastic storytelling. Consistently, they pit hero against the most unrelenting adversary of all: The clock, fate of the world hanging on mere seconds left before mission success.

James Bond watches are invariably at the center of Ian Fleming’s original literary thrillers, continuing today in the movies of Albert R. Broccoli’s Eon Productions. Excerpt from National Clock and Watch site.

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