Kon Tiki 1000 Meter Diver

Eterna Kon Tiki 1000 Meter Diver
Here is a watch I saw in Basel at the Eterna/Porsche design section of the show. It is a 46mm Monster! Equipped with a ETA 2897, this big dog would be a shoe-in for multiple sales in the United States, right? NO! As of last spring, no United States distributor. I hope this watch makes it stateside soon either by raft or not.

Eterna is another great company with poor American distributorship picks. With virtually no U.S. brand recognition anymore, what are we to do with companies like this? Oddly enough you can get Porsche Design in the states, just not Eterna. Huh? CTWG

For more information about Eterna watches contact Chad The Watch Guy.

Porsche Design Kon Tiki 1000 Meter Diver

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