Rolex: Cameron, Blue Seas and a Deep New Strategy

Rolex D-Blue DSSD 116660

Rolex D-Blue DSSD 116660Rolex has never released a watch outside of the traditional Basel launch format that we are accustomed to. Seemingly out of nowhere, a new Deepsea Sea Dweller was announced and put on the market – with a gradient blue dial and a story line from the Cameron DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expeditions. This could be the way of the future.

A watch announcement here and there in as a way to garner more interest than ever. It’s interesting to think of what this means for retailers and the Baselworld show itself. This surprise launch caught the industry off guard and brought a flock of questions to the market on delivery, such as number of pieces and how did this release come about? A rare move from Rolex and I kind of like the provocative nature of this launch, but hope it doesn’t ruin the fun or lead-up-to-Basel hype. What are your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Rolex: Cameron, Blue Seas and a Deep New Strategy

  1. My thoughts? I think they better have something incredible up their sleeves for Baselworld or else this was a big waste. Makes no sense if you think about it. They could have dominated the whole show this year!

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