NOMOS Glashütte Tangente Datum: Winner of 2012 GOOD DESIGN Award

NOMOS Glashutte - 2012 GOOD DESIGN Award

NOMOS Glashutte - 2012 GOOD DESIGN Award

NOMOS Glashütte wins the 2012 GOOD DESIGN Award from Chicago for their Tangente Datum. This news comes not long after taking home Germany’s most prestigious product design award (iF design) for the Tangomat GMT Plus.

Today a fax came from Chicago: Tangente Datum won the 2012 GOOD DESIGN Award! NOMOS is proud to receive this accolade once again. —@NOMOSGlashuette on January 4, 2013

I am glad for Nomos and I love to see their watches do well. I can’t help but remember the movie Das Leben der Anderen every time the East German company is mentioned. Being under the thumb of the Stasi must have been hell! I have been to Dresden and took the bus ride to the Glashütte region where the watches are made, and the people were always very nice. I can’t imagine what they felt like prior to the fall.

Remember, these excellent house-made watches are coming out of a region that suffered immensely and had to make real strides to pull themselves back to their feet a very short time ago. This is not Glam City, folks, these are salt-of-the-earth people putting out great product with a minimalist Bauhaus design approach. Job well done, Nomos! We’re looking forward to many more years of your fine timepieces, and how you bring joy to other people’s lives.

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