Kobold Expedition Tools: “Adventure of Time” and a New Website with Slashed Prices

Kobold Arctic Diver

Kobold Arctic Diver

Love him, hate him, point the finger or just question mark the whole watch company in general, Kobold has strung together an interesting history. The scene now is not so much about watches and getting noticed, he has already been down that Rover road. These days he has set trails to mountain tops and brought watchmaking Sherpas with him. Odd, yes, Sherpas making watches… well Santa has his elves, we all need help.

The new forecast for Kobold looks to be a facility in rural Pennsylvania, a mountain top watchmaker retreat in Nepal and a jet-setting, here, there “catch me if you can” lifestyle.

Knives have been added to the product mix on their new website, and the new site title is: Kobold Expedition Tools. Other adventure style gear will inevitably surface soon.

Dramatic price cuts (on watches) and a somewhat strategic product lining seems to be coming together as well. This may be to the dismay of his fans/past buyers, or a welcome “I can afford it now” feel for the uninitiated.

I really can’t get a handle on what will happen in the timepiece direction, other than the price is more fitting of the watch now, than ever. The origin of where everything is made is less impressive to buyers nowadays and we tend look toward the watch itself for validity.  At very least, the Kobold scene is fun to watch unfold, love it or hate it. But as they say, haters gonna hate.

Watch shown: Kobold Arctic Diver

6 thoughts on “Kobold Expedition Tools: “Adventure of Time” and a New Website with Slashed Prices

  1. Interesting. I always thought the watches were cool but I don’t get the concept of charging $5K one day then $2.5K another.

    1. That’s what everyone wanted, now they will all be bitching about it. That’s another reason why buying one used isn’t a bad idea.

  2. So what ever happened with the Watch Snob arguement? Did he ever send his watch in for analysis?

  3. HEre’s one thing the post fails to mention:

    1. Good luck getting a Kobold watch from Kobold.
    2. Good luck getting your watch back from Kobold service without having to call daily for months (years?).
    3. F#ck Kobold.

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