How to Get Her to Buy You an “Engagement Watch”

Wedding Engagement Diamond Ring and WatchI have noticed a new tradition lately. The “Engagement Watch” is becoming all the rage. For centuries, gents have happily decorated the fingers of their loved ones, and now they are receiving a gift in kind. For some though, she may need a little encouragement. Following are a few tidbits of info that may speed up the process:

  1. Mention, timidly, that you have dreamed of a timepiece to better monitor your precious moments together(The hook is set).
  2. Accidentally leave magazine ads of the watch you envy in plain sight.
  3. Begin asking the time, a lot.
  4. And date, too.
  5. Leave an old watch on the coffee table your new fiancee would be embarrassed to see on your wrist (Timex Ironman 10 years or older or that Fossil you bought in college recommended).

This is the “wearing down period.” Lastly, mention you are on your way to get a new watch–to gauge if she is shopping or not, see if she breaks! This is called the “reverse O. Henry move,” good luck and happy engagement. CTWG

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