The Omega Complex

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Mens and Ladies Matching Set

Dear Watch Flipr,

Here’s a curve ball: It’s my first luxury watch and when brand recognition, overall quality, and entry level pricing come to mind, would you point me towards Rolex or Omega for a triple play?

Shawn Stevenson

This question is being raised more and more as of late. When you’ve been great and then fallen to some degree, it can be difficult to regain ground in the eyes of the consumer. Omega has fought this battle against Rolex for years and appears to be making some headway. The introduction of new house movements–namely the 8500 series–has made great strides in the perception of hardcore watch collectors. The base price point is a touch below the standard Datejust and seems to offer similar goods in the overall purchase. It will be interesting to see where this struggle for supremacy leads them. As for pointing you one way or the other, you should go for the one that hits a homerun for you after trying them on in person.

Shown above are his and hers matching Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watches.

2 thoughts on “The Omega Complex

  1. Excellent story Jake!!! Thanks for sharing. I love the Exp II, icoinc watch good to see it put through its paces! Can we now call it the Messner Rolex instead of the McQueen Rolex?! 🙂 All the Best Ismat

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