I Reserve The Right: Invicta

Dear Watch Flipr,

How do you feel about Invicta as a watch brand? Good Buy or Goodbye?


Invicta watches, well, they suck. I wish I could rave about the value and how ShopNBC has marketed the living hell out of them for the masses. But I can’t find a real redeeming factor about them. Chinese cases, whatever movement they can slap in their 50+ mm obnoxious Zenith rip-off look-alike styles. These watches are for idiots with a credit card and too much time on their hands. Save your dough and get one good watch, save the ValuePay payments for a washing machine or a college credit.

2 thoughts on “I Reserve The Right: Invicta

  1. I have, over the years, purchased a couple Invicta watches. It’s fine to have a real quality timepiece to wear, and also have some other lower end watches. I find anything over 46mm to be gross and disgusting but in the 40-46mm range there are a couple cool Invictas that won’t break the bank and look decent on the wrist. It’s a little sad to know that some of the MSNBC/eVine customers have 20+ Invictas….
    I enjoyed watching the self-destruction of Jim Skelton, and there but for the grace of God and common sense went Tim Temple, who could be equally off-putting at times. He returned to the air after realizing that it’s OK to sell your soul for a steady paycheck. When both he and Skelton were on MSNBC you could cut the tension with a knife. Tim was back and Skelton was on the way out. It couldn’t have made things too uncomfortable, right???
    I enjoy watching WOW now that Jim has left. New guy is fine. Better selection than eVine.

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