Two Things Wrong Can Never Be Right


There are two major problems that exist in the watch industry today.

1. Jim Skelton

I know you love your late night credit card sales with Jimbo, and how he pitches to the uneducated masses about the value of three easy payments and fine 55mm watches. He uses hypnotic language and NLP tactics to sell you and it is time to put a stop to the horrible treatment you’ve been put through! Take a deep breath of clean, un-Invictafied air and start seeing watches as a status of class, taste and art. Be not tempted by the large, yellow, water-tight boxes that will never be used. Hold strong that one fine watch is far greater than 50 shitty pieces, no matter how many easy payments are offered. You can do it!

2. Miyota Japanese movements.

The Devils Hammer: Miyota and all it has to offer is a false watch God! Automatic movements sold by Jim Skelton and his minions are unfinished, pressed out by the million, movements of throw away value. Take not to the wrist under any name the way of Miyota for you will feel the displeasing lack that comes with it. The two commandments have been spoken, use them wisely.


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