Bracelets: Taper Vs. Traditional (Rolex Deepsea Vs. Submariner)

Rolex Submariner vs. Deepsea Sea-Dweller

Rolex Sub vs. DSSDAs a salesperson of high-end watches first and a blog writer second, I get to hear and discuss customer concerns and preferences. The latest and most talked about subject amongst Rolex lovers is the choice between the Submariner (116610) and the Deepsea Sea-Dweller (116660) sport models.

Interestingly enough, the purchase almost always comes down to the bracelet of each model and not the price tag. Some collectors enjoy the size of the DSSD, but do not like the taper of the bracelet and in turn stick to the more traditional straight line effect of the Sub.

Each have their own great clasp mechanisms and dive-suit extenders, but which watch would you pick? I have heard all sides of the argument, what is your take? I would love to get some reader feedback on the subject. With a $3,500.00 dollar price difference, it boggles my mind that people concentrate more on these smaller aspects than the case size and utility. Let me know below!

Rolex Deepsea Sea-DwellerRolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller DSSD ClaspRolex Ceramic SubRolex Submariner ClaspRolex Submariner vs. Deepsea Sea-Dweller

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3 thoughts on “Bracelets: Taper Vs. Traditional (Rolex Deepsea Vs. Submariner)

  1. I hate the taper. But there are things I like about the DeepSea that would make me choose it over the newer Subs. Such as the bezel markings and the lack of a date magnifier. I think Rolex needs to combine both watches to give us all what we really want which is an updated non DeepSea Sea-Dweller.

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