Unitas The Decorated Choice

Unitas Movement in a Schaumburg WatchIf you have been in the watch buying business for some time like myself, you start to recognize movements for what they really are. Some are fine performance pieces that keep excellent time. Others join the game with interesting complications and functionality that could help divers or keep pilots abreast of time globally.

The Unitas movement does none of these things. Although solid as a rock, it has one redeeming trait that makes it worthwhile: it is massive. This is exactly why, in the days of massive watches, it has become the canvas caliber for many companies. The fun part is watching the original designs and modifications that have come about.

With a lower beat per hour than most mechanical watches (plus manual wind to boot), the only choice is to jazz this thing up! Standard decorative techniques are applied, as well as ultra-customized movement bridges, inlaid material, etc. The works can be done to this very agreeable movement. Just keep in mind that while it can be the number one pick if you like dressing, but the overall performance is secondary.

Eberhard Traversetolo Unitas Manual Movement