The Greatest Of All Time

IWC Big Pilot Muhammad Ali WatchI have black belts and love fights. Imagine that, a watch guy with a Judo and Tae Kwon Do black belt. I always followed the martial arts and have done my share of hard guy feats (check out Iron Mind Red Nail). You can imagine my surprise and delight to see a timepiece dedicated to Muhammad Ali.

250 limited pieces of a fine IWC timepiece honoring the boxing legend. This Big Pilot model is blessed with red lume, representing Ali’s favorite choice in glove color. This watch packs a big punch and is stuffed with IWC’s largest automatic movement. Everything about it is great, the concept original, and kudos to IWC for stepping in the ring. The white gold model (one out of one) went for 60k at a charity auction. Hit me back with who won it, lucky fellow there!

  • Movement: Auto
  • Caliber: IWC 51111
  • Power Reserve: 7 Days
  • Case: 46mm stainless steel

IWC Big Pilot Muhammad Ali Watch

IWC Big Pilot Muhammad Ali Watch

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Of All Time

  1. Beautiful looking watch. Completely baffled by the ’25’ where a ‘6’ should be…but hey…I ain’t complaining.

    Any trib to ‘The Greatest’ is good to go for me. I’d “Float like a butter fly” to wear this one.

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