Tudor North Flag Out to Conquer!

TUDOR NORTH FLAG Reference 91210N Mens Watch Review

TUDOR NORTH FLAG Reference 91210N Mens Watch Review

It hits like a sledgehammer when you first wrap your head around the price of the new North Flag Tudor that’s just landing at ADs now. Sure, the watch came out in Basel and got press, but in-hand and ready-for-wristing takes on a different meaning. At $3,675.00, run, don’t walk, and get your mitts on this piece. “In-house movement” gets thrown around quite frequently, just not at this level. The Tudor caliber MT5621 is going to run, and run well, for years. It’s industrial, and it makes no mistake that construction was built for other watches in the line’s future. The Rolex sister company has laid claim to the price point war and drove a flag straight through the heart of it. Understand, this is the first timepiece to receive this engine, which makes it special – at least to us. This is not a Sinn, or an obscure, five pages deep in a forum offering, this is the watch mainstream where people will actually know what you are wearing.

Grab it before they nudge it to $4,000.00 or more (still worth every penny). 40mm makes it a perfect, classic size. Ceramic rim that is just flawlessly designed. All brushed satin surface for easy refinishing. In-house movement, all for under 4k, if you’re not sold you should be. This is the I.P.O. of Best Priced Fine Watch on the market… you just have to be willing to invest.

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Tudor Caliber mt5621

More details and imagery at tudorwatch.com/en/north-flag

4 thoughts on “Tudor North Flag Out to Conquer!

    1. I know this is a really old thread, but I think the Seiko 5 models SNZD67 & SNZD73J1 look pretty similar to the North Flag Tudor, due to their integrated bracelets and edgy case design.

  1. I like it and want it. Waiting for a good used one to get on the market. Anyone have one for sale let me know. Thanks

  2. I’d really love to see this in “in the metal,” but I applaud Tudor for coming out with something, finally, that’s different from the herd. The integrated bracelet is very unique and brings to mind pieces like the IWC Ingenieur and AP Royal Oak. I love the bold accents on the dial and the power reserve indicator, and the spacing on the use of space on the dial seems perfectly symmetrical and natural.

    I’d really wonder if Chad still owns this piece though. There are a lot of great watches out there that, for some reason, just don’t have the “it factor” even though they’re objectively great, that end up getting flipped. (For example, the newer generation Omega Seamaster 300 Pro, the non-wave dial; bought it, loved it for about a month, flipped it, and now I want the older one back!)

    Chad did this one stick, or did it get flipped?

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