Flying High With Zinex

Zinex Uhrenfabrik ME-109SI had a nice conversation recently with a gentleman passionate about watches. Joe Sadri originally a mechanical engineer for a high-end car firm has taken his passion for watches to the next level. Joe starting making hand made watches in 1998 as a hobby (some of his models will be introduced as early as July 2006) so keep an eye out for a review when Watch Flipr gets one of these rare beauties in hand, more on that later. Joe has started the launch of his limited edition watch, Zinex. A homage to B-Uhren Monster Pilots worn during the 1940’s. Solid guts and a beautiful design should make this product a very nice addition to any collection. Stay posted for more info. CTWG

Zinex Caseback

2 thoughts on “Flying High With Zinex

  1. Wow, this looks cool, can’t wait to get one. How much is it? Any idea, hopefully not as high as the IWC pilot watch……

  2. Very intersting staff, are these retail or only through this site? How can I get one to test??? Nice watch!!

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