Glacier Blue

Rolex Glacier BLue Platinum Day Date President DatejustThere are some class envy strategies out there amongst the watch community with regards to what you can purchase and can’t. The king of them being Rolex. For instance, you’re allowed to have a steel watch with certain dials. Excellent. But, you cannot have a diamond dial on that watch unless some portion is gold of the white or yellow variety. Hmmm. You may not have diamonds in the bracelet unless you have a total gold piece, but diamond bezel is ok? Yes, if the bezel is gold. Hmmm.

It goes on and on, but the king killer is the Glacier Blue dial. It’s a truly stunning dial that Rolex created. What?! You have never witnessed one? Well, that’s because your watch has to be made entirely of platinum to enjoy that icy blue! So, save your pennies or get cracking at that career ladder because most of these luxuries start in the $65k range. I know, it makes you blue and green with envy.

3 thoughts on “Glacier Blue

  1. And that’s why I won’t buy a Rolex. Seems silly that for that insane amount of money, they are the ones to determine what the paying customer can and can’t have. Eff them!

  2. Looks like something a New Orleans pimp would wear.

    Attributes to Gen. G. Patton for the comparison.

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