A TOUCH of Green?

If you need a big hit for the holiday parties and the sweater thing just won’t cut it, you might wanna consider this huge green blob of a watch from Swatch. This Touch Green timekeeper is guaranteed to turn heads and attract lady elves your way. Lots of greeeeen here folks. What the hell, ’tis the season! Model is SURG102 and goes for $140.

The quick overview:

  • Green plastic case
  • Arched plastic glass
  • Water resistant to 3 bars
  • Width 39 mm
  • Height11.2 mm
  • Green silicone strap
  • Green pin buckle with logo
  • Shock resistant Swiss quartz movement
  • LCD-Display with touchscreen
  • 2 Time zones
  • Date display
  • Chronograph
  • Alarm
  • Countdown timer
  • Beeper
  • Display light
  • Weight 38 g

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