The Onion

Longines Onion Crown Watch

Longines Onion Crown Watch

The Onion. Who of us amongst us doesn’t love an onion crown? Regal is the word, derived from the days of old when a pocket watch needed a good wind and you didn’t want to take your stage coach gloves off. The onion crown for this modern era had been brought back in vogue by Chronoswiss to a large extent, and emulated by many later.

The look is smooth with great functionality. Easy to set, wind and adjust timing. The onion remains an antiquated figure in the watch world and I still love it. Sure, the big bulb can dig into your wrist a little and cause a watch calus over a period of weeks of wear, but it is a show piece that always gets attention. Try a left handed version to avoid an onion mark and start sporting one!

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