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Instashow Instagram BaselworldAfter many years of taking trips to Basel, Switzerland and enjoying the landscape, people and most of all watches that are presented, for the first time I felt perplexed about the whole thing. My usual feel of excitement got replaced with a somewhat scary feeling of what if we don’t see everything, who will post this the quickest, etc. Social media has become a war of who can throw a shot or picture up the quickest to show the world “I have staked my claim as a participant of the watch show of all watch shows.” People huddled the Rolex booth and snapped their shot (us included) to show I was here and I will be noticed for the accomplishment of attending. I find we all want some recognition for the fact this is a show we attend and the best of the best watches are unveiled there, but is it right?

Regrets….. I did get sucked in this season, I did take to many pictures with little meaning behind them. I did want to have all the big hitters covered with pictures to spare for the year in watch blogging. Hall 5 forgotten; Asian Pavilion never made it; the little guys were trampled and  set to the side for the glamor of the event. Shame on us, the next new and great watch line may have been passed up, just to grab a photo op with another big watch name. For what? Instagram!  Never again.

Blogging watches is a taste of what is important to us, and with hopes that others will like the content and the message brought about from it.  We are a small, intricate market with a great deal of information and it can’t all be focused on six to ten brands. Well, there is always next year and I can assure you, watches and the way they are reported will change, there is more than meets the eye.

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