Lolly Watch: Scented and Juicy

Lolly Watch Eco Friendly Scented Watch

I came across and kinda had a laugh concerning the name and the concept. Then I watched the video of the process and what their California based company is all about. Hmm, interesting. They use tree components and fashion a polymer type bracelet and case from it, essentially like a Montblanc pen resin of sorts. Perfect for people who are allergic to metals. Eco-friendly, sporty and a new concept for tree huggin’ watch lovers. As an added bonus, each Sentanite watch has a natural fragrance that is reported to last for years. There may be a niche here?

The price point is super kind at sub $100 and might be a great gifting watch for the kids and the ultra eco-centric. The movement is just a Miyota quartz and for that we know the stats. All in all, it caught my interest, perhaps yours? Follow @lollywatch.

The Process:

Lolly Watch Eco Friendly Scented Watch Process


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