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ChadTheWatchGuy at Aqua in Basel

Chad The Watch Guy is the Watch Flipr

His name is Chad, and he’s a watch guy. Chad the Watch Flipr, Chad the Watch Man, Chad the Watch Dude, Chad the Watch Guru, Chad the Watch Chief, Chad the Watch Expert, Chad the Watch Appraiser, Chad the Watch Pro, Chad the Watch Whiz, Chad the Watch Critic, Chad the Watch Blogger, Chad the Watch Master, Chad the Watch Sage, Chad the Watch Authority. Call him what you will, but most people simply refer to him as “Chad the Watch Guy.”

ChadTheWatchGuy (Chad Rickicki) is now officially blogging on!

I decided to make the jump and move away from a watch blog about myself and joined a group of guys who share my passion – flipping watches and writing about horological news and reviews. You’ll still get the same Chad The Watch Guy you’re used to, but now you’ll also find my content among a diverse collection of articles from other wristwatch collectors – as well as have an opportunity to contribute some reviews yourself. Thanks for following me and joining the site. -CTWG

Photo above was taken at Aqua, Basel 2013.

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  1. I used to read Chad’s blog back in the day! Love the new stuff here on this awesome site. I’ll be sure to check it daily.

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